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A premium hub for security researchers, looking to collaborate on complex findings, specific research niche or higher-tiered projects


With more than 15 years of proven track record of exploiting and disclosing vulnerabilities, SSD stands at the frontline of discovering critical vulnerabilities in software and hardware


A fully equipped lab and our experienced team are standing by to collaborate with you to achieve your research goals in the most efficient and productive way


SSD Labs offer experienced researchers relocation opportunities outside Korea for specific fields of experience

Security Researchers

We accept applications from:

Experienced in reverse engineering and vulnerability research.
The ideal main focus should be with mobile browsers, browsers and and operating systems.

Our premium hub and team of professionals are a perfect fit for security researchers looking to collaborate on complex findings and impactful vulnerabilities.

Stuck with a complex codebase? Lacking knowledge in specific fields?

Let’s collaborate on your next vulnerability research! Reach out today and let us introduce your new research hub:

Looking to submit a vulnerability?

SSD Secure Disclosure acts as your premium agent with vendors, providing the knowledge, experience and tools needed to find and disclose vulnerabilities and advanced attack vectors.